Fifth championship in 2002

At the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Brazil suffered a lot to qualify, had lost the Copa America and the Confederations Cup and arrived with great suspicion from the fans, still having Ronaldo and Rivaldo recovering from injuries. Meanwhile, Roberto Carlos increased his title shelf, with the club and singles, and remained untouched by both Real Madrid and the national team. Brazil fell into a relatively easy group, with no selection with tradition: Turkey, China and Costa Rica. After debuting against Turkey 2-1, Brazil faced newcomer China, in a match that had Roberto Carlos' first and only goal in Cups, in a foul hit in the corner of the goalkeeper with great force, without chances, opening the score that would end 4x0 for the national team, which heads to the round of 16, winning the three games of the group stage. In the knockout, victories over Belgium and England until reaching the semi, in which Brazil meets Turkey. Without Ronaldinho suspended for the expulsion against England, Turkey makes a game much more difficult but leaves again defeated, by 1-0. In the final, Brazil will face Germany from captain Oliver Kahn, who had conceded just one goal in the entire competition, still in the group stage against Ireland. And it is precisely in a failure of Kahn that Brazil opens the score in this tough game. Minutes later another goal from Ronaldo, who sacraments the country as the only five-time world champion.

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