Controversies for the Selection

1998 - Controversies on and off the field In 1998, months before the World Cup, the ex-player released an extremely unfortunate statement, stating that he carried “an apartment on his wrist” mentioning the watch he had just bought, becoming famous as “masked” with the Brazilian fans . In the World Cup that year, Brazil had a debut of very promising players, such as Ronaldo Fenômeno (at that time Ronaldinho) and Roberto Carlos himself. In the quarterfinals, Brazil faced the golden generation of Denmark, with emphasis on the experienced goalkeeper Schmeichel and the Laudrup brothers. The selection won by 2x1 of the turn, until in a ball "easy" to be removed, inside the area, Roberto Carlos complicated trying to take off by bicycle and ended up puncture. Behind him, Brian Laudrup dominates and fires Taffarel to tie the game. The national team wins that game and heads to the final after passing through Holland on penalties. In the final of the Cup between Brazil and France, the owners of the house defined better, while the Selection was still trying to find themselves on the field. Until the 25th minute of the first stage, Roberto Carlos with a dominated ball tries to make ambassinhas to isolate the ball and ends up handing the corner to the French. Galvão Bueno still prophesies, “that cutie that sometimes costs”. Corner in the head of Zidane, who opens the scoring for the Bleus, the rest of the story everyone knows: 3x0 France. Last game for the national team and swoop with Galvão Bueno In the 2006 World Cup Roberto Carlos was already 33 years old and he should have in mind that this would be his last World Cup playing for the national team. However, I had no idea how much would be scored after the tournament. Brazil reaches the quarterfinals knowing that they would have a tough opponent ahead of them and wanting to take revenge on the 1998 World Cup final won by France. The "magic square" had already been dismantled and several medallions had performances far below expectations, but no one expected such a listless team. Zidane led the Bleus from the first minute of the game, doing magic in the midfield. Meanwhile, Brazil was a mere spectator waiting for the inevitable final. After Zidane's free kick, Henry alone put the ball inside, giving final numbers to the match. It is from this goal that the controversy of the former player with Galvão Bueno arises. When the French midfielder hit the free kick, Roberto Carlos remained standing in the area line, which caused an understanding that whoever was not scoring Henry was just him. During the broadcast, Galvão sharply criticized Roberto Carlos, irony that the side was adjusting the midfielder while France's goal was taking place, which came as a bomb to the fans, sharing the same feeling of revolt of the narrator. Despite the word from the player and coach Parreira, that RC was in the area just to go out on the counterattack, the damage was already done and many people still think so. At the time, Rede Globo's “Fantástico” program made a special demonstrating that the coach and player were telling the truth, since it was a common position of the National Team to have RC to connect the counter attack. Regardless, this was the side's last game with the national team. Three and a half years later, when he was being presented at Corinthians, Roberto Carlos was asked about the sock episode at the World Cup and replied with a strong statement, “These people are going to have a moment of suffering. They will need someone to help them get up. And at the time of the World Cup, he (Galvão Bueno) made my mother cry for a long time. That person was not professional. I'm still a professional today. And I am respected around the world today. I was never the protagonist of anything. I'm just a football player. There are people in the middle of football who want to be more protagonists than the players. "And he added:" He (Bueno) invented this story. This sock thing is silly. One (responsible for leaving the side of the selection) is that person. The other is a radio and TV professional. But it is a personal matter and that person will never forget ", added the player.

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