Roberto Carlos - Palmeiras of 93/94 or Flamengo of Jorge Jesus?

With the great football presented and the titles of Libertadores and Campeonato Brasileiro won by Flamengo led by the Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, several comparisons began to emerge with historical Brazilian teams from the past. However, the former full-back Roberto Carlos has already tried to spice up the debate in relation to one of the teams he was part of. “The Palmeiras of my time was wonderful. We were together two, three years. Flamengo has only one year together, which is why Palmeiras of 93/94 would win, not easily, but would win and win well ”, he commented, in an interview with the“ Jogo Aberto ”program. Roberto Carlos worked for Palmeiras from 1993 to 1995, a period that was marked in the history of the club as the beginning of the “Parmalat era”. This is because the dairy company started sponsoring the club Alviverde in 1993 by making several major hires, such as Edmundo, Edilson, Flavio Conceição, Mazinho and Roberto Carlos himself. The club came from a 17-year drought without title, and with Roberto Carlos and this star-studded squad, they won the second championship in São Paulo and Brazil (1993-1994) in addition to a Rio-São Paulo tournament. This Palmeiras team that Roberto Carlos referred to was: Sérgio (Velloso); Mazinho, Antônio Carlos, Cléber (Tonhão) and Roberto Carlos (Cláudio); Daniel Frasson (Flávio Conceição), César Sampaio and Zinho; Edmundo, Evair and Edilson (Rivaldo). Commanded by rising coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo. Two days before this interview, Roberto Carlos valued Flamengo's work, not only on the pitch, but also the club's structure and finances. He recognized the work of Jorge Jesus in front of the red carioca but made reservations: "Coach does not win a game alone. If the club has a good structure, put good players on the field and a good coach ... Even if it is not Jorge Jesus, any other coach, with this level of players that Flamengo has, the structure, paying on time, is easier. Jorge Jesus did an excellent job in his first year… If it were any other coach, arriving with this external structure, the guy will put in practice. The players who win the games, who do his job. " In addition, the former player stated that clubs in Brazil should follow the model of the current Brazilian champion: “If all teams use Flamengo as an example, the Brazilian Championship will be much better. If you place a bet today on who will be the Brazilian champion: Flamengo again. It brings president, vice president, board that supports the players to play well. "

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