Roberto Carlos on Luxembourg's move to Real Madrid

In 1993 Roberto Carlos arrived in the city of São Paulo to sign with Palmeiras, in an ambitious project sponsored by Parmalat. Also newcomer was the coach of that team, Vanderlei Luxemburgo. The partnership between commander and commander took place between 1993 and 1995, the year in which they took different paths, Luxembourg was hired by Flamengo and Roberto Carlos by Inter Milan. A year after his move to Inter, Roberto Carlos moved again, now to Real Madrid, the club where he spent most of his career. Meanwhile Vanderlei Luxemburgo was going through the peak of his career, with prominent passages for Santos, Corinthians, Palmeiras (again), Cruzeiro and even training the Brazilian team, where he had the opportunity to train Roberto Carlos again, for a short period. After winning a triple crown with Cruzeiro in 2003 and another Brazilian Championship, with Santos in 2004, he was hired to train Real Madrid in the era of the “Galactics”. The Brazilian coach arrives in the middle of the European season and despite stumbling in the Champions League and in the Copa do Rey, he manages to make a good campaign in Spanish and ends with the runner-up, with 16 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in 22 matches . Highlight for the victory over Barcelona by 4x2. For the 2006/2007 season, the Brazilian coach has the autonomy to assemble the team as he would like. Great signings like Robinho, Júlio Baptista and Sérgio Ramos and the dismissal of Portuguese star Figo mark the transfer window of Real Madrid and a great expectation arises over the work of Luxembourg. The results in the Spanish Championship were already well below expectations, and in the debut of the Champions League the Spanish club suffered a resounding 3x0 of Lyon. Despite this, Real qualify for the round of 16, but the suspicion over the Brazilian's work increases. After suffering a 3-0 loss to Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabéu, the boos become increasingly strong and culminate in the dismissal of the coach in late 2006 after winning over Getafe. After more than a decade of the Brazilian coach's passing, full-back Roberto Carlos, idol merengue, tells some information from behind the scenes, which may have accelerated the end of Vanderlei's work at the Spanish club: “We used to get into the concentration, leave the bags in the room and, before dinner, have our beer and wine. And always on the table, there was wine. Two bottles on each table ”- reported Roberto. The ex-Brazilian side, still says that he tried to alert the commander, “Luxembourg, when Ronaldo and I arrived, we said:‘ Professor, we have some customs here, and you will see. Try not to change, no. Do not remove the wine from the table and the 20 minutes of the beer before dinner, because otherwise we will have problems ’". However, Luxembourg does not seem to have listened to the advice of the Brazilians, and due to Roberto Carlos 'tone, the players' dissatisfaction reached the board: "What did he do? He took out the beer first. Then he took out the bottles of wine. This took three months. Because, unfortunately, the world of football is tiny. The news arrives at the board and ... bye ”. Vanderlei Luxemburgo led Real Madrid for 44 matches, with 27 wins, 7 draws and 10 losses, without winning any title.

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