Statements about the “Galactics” worry Roberto Carlos

Who the Galactics were, the whole football world knows: Roberto Carlos, Casillas, Raúl, Figo, Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, etc. However, what many did not know was the backstage of this squad that Real Madrid formed between 2001 and 2007. In an interview with former goalkeeper Vítor Baía on Canal 11, Roberto Carlos opened the game about many things that happened outside the four lines, such as Vanderlei Luxemburgo's passing at Real: "Vanderlei Luxemburgo spent six months at Real Madrid. In the second game of the League, we used to get to the concentration camp, leave our bags in the room and, before dinner, have our beer and wine. And always on the table wine, two bottles at each table. Me and Ronaldo arrived at the teacher and said: 'We have some customs here and you will see, but try not to change. Do not remove the wine from the table and the 20 minutes of beer before dinner because otherwise there will be a problem '", he said. "So what did he do? First he removed the beer and then the bottles of wine. It took three months because the world of football is small, the news reached the board and bye. It was our locker room environment" - continued In addition to this somewhat controversial statement, Roberto Carlos also points out that they players “did a lot of nonsense” at the time, and states that Vicente Del Bosque was the only coach who understood them: "Today I wonder how we messed up so much. The game was over, it was just a private flight. We were meeting in the private area of ​​the airport. It was Beckham who didn’t know where, Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo, me, Casillas .. and I had training two days later. I was going to Formula 1 straight. I prayed that the games would be on Saturdays to be able to see Formula 1 on Sunday, wherever it was. It was a private flight for all sides " "Del Bosque understood perfectly. He always put on training in the afternoon. The training sessions on Monday and Tuesday were all at five in the afternoon. He never put on 11 in the morning because he knew that almost no one arrived. What a beautiful story, right? What an example beautiful we are giving to the children at home ... Do not do what we did, but earn what we won ", completed the ex-lateral. These, among other statements from Roberto Carlos' interview, were highlighted in the sports press around the world. So much so that the author of these phrases himself regretted having made so many revelations, such was the repercussion that the interview obtained. According to the newspaper “El Confidencial", Roberto was “sore” when he saw the strength that his statements gained. the Galactics. There is still a concern that those involved themselves have not appreciated the revelations on the part of the former left-back. The same newspaper ends the article by highlighting the bad examples of the players at the time, in addition to pinning Roberto “It is the self-criticism of those who expose a series of bad examples that, of course, are not at all recommendable”, and he adds. "Years later, relaxed and with his characteristic sincerity, which caused some problems at the time, he tells what he should never have done as a professional".

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