Terms and Conditions of the application BetWinner.TV

The BetWinner considers very important the privacy of users and application BetWinner.TV understands the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data and other information stored on them.

In the performance of its activities and in compliance with applicable data protection law, BetWinner is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of personal data and to respect the privacy of Betwinner.tv Users. The commitments described in this Privacy Policy respect the values ​​and principles of action and behavior of BetWinner.

The BetWinner can also monitor the use of the Application. This may include monitoring the number of times the User accesses the Application, the internet operator (mobile / fixed) used, name of the domain originating from internet service, among others. This information is used to build a profile of Users. Some of this data and information will be aggregated or will become statistical at BetWinner 's discretion.

Acceptance of this Policy will be by clicking the "I Accept" button, so that, from that moment, The User will allow the access and treatment of your information by BetWinner, under the terms of this Policy. This Policy may be updated, at any time, by BetWinner, without prior notice, which is why it is recommended to check it sporadically.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to learn more about how BetWinner uses Users' personal data collected when they access and use the BetWinner.TV application.

It should be noted that BetWinner reserves the right to store all information collected through the Application for at least the period of custody established in applicable Brazilian law, and may maintain them for a longer period in its sole discretion.

Note that the Application may contain links to other websites, applications or programs that may have a policy of collection and use of information other than that used by BetWinner. Accordingly, BetWinner is not responsible for the processing of data by such pages, applications or programs.


Through the BetWinner.TV application, BetWinner collects and processes your personal information to provide you with a personalized experience, including content and information related to the Events and Rewards available on the Application, Rewards Redemption, advertising and marketing campaigns, user support, fraud prevention, notification of changes to the Application and the Services, security improvement, infrastructure and technical management of the Application in order to maintain a high level of the Service available.

User data will only be collected and processed in accordance with these Terms.

As soon as the User registers and accesses the BetWinner.TV application, it is no longer anonymous for BetWinner. As such, the User declares to have been informed in a clear and specific way of the Terms on the processing of the data, as well as the possible disclosure of his personal data to third parties, expressly agreeing with such use.

All BetWinner employees and partner, affiliate or affiliated companies are required to comply with the terms of this Policy. This policy provides that employees are required to keep User information confidential. This obligation continues once an employee leaves BetWinner.

The User agrees that his or her personal data may be processed, used, registered and disclosed with partner companies, affiliates, affiliates and third parties that may provide services to BetWinner.

The BetWinner reserves the right, based on the personal data and information collected on the User, suspend or terminate your account at any time.


The BetWinner collect and store the information provided by the User in BetWinner.TV, both at the time of your registration, as well as when filling in any form on the application and use.

As part of the process for registering an account in the BetWinner.TV application, the User must provide certain personal information, including name, postal address, e-mail address and password, as well as to certify that he has full civil capacity under the legislation Brazilian, among other information.

The name used by the User to register the account must be his. In addition, it is very important that you fill out the account details with valid information, as they will be used to validate the redemption and remittance operations and other purposes mentioned above.

You may update or add at any time the information that was shared at the time of registering the account in the Application, as well as request that misleading information be corrected. To do so, simply update your account in the "My Account" area in the Application.


Some information and data are automatically collected and stored when accessing the Application, regardless of whether the User has entered their username and password or have a registered account. Thus, with each access to the Application, BetWinner will collect some information such as: features of the access device, operating system, IP number (with date and time), IP origin, User location, click / pages accessed prior to accessing the Application, pages accessed after you exit the Application, activities in the Application, and any search terms typed in or in the Application, among others. To do so,BetWinner may also use some other standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, to collect user information and improve its user experience.

The User may request information about the personal data that BetWinner has and process about it when using the Application. All requests must be made by postal mail, accompanied by a proof of identity (a copy of an official photo ID document and indicating the date and place of birth) and sufficient User contact information to identify it (telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) to: info-en@BetWinner.TV

This request is free of charge unless you have requested such information in the last twelve months or if the request involves a large amount of work by BetWinner. In this case, an administrative fee may be charged to the User.

The BetWinner may deny or partially provide s information in cases where it has this right under current legislation on data protection matters.

In addition, if you wish to exclude automatically collected information, you may contact BetWinner by e-mail: info-en@BetWinner.TV

Communications between you and BetWinner (such as telephone conversation and e-mail) may be recorded for the purpose of quality assurance, fraud prevention and further clarification.


The Application has been developed in compliance with best security practices to preserve the personal information of Users to the maximum extent possible. The BetWinner is committed to respect User privacy and does its best to ensure the confidentiality of all information shared by him. In this way, the data registered and collected in the Application will be used only to improve the experience in its use, as well as to provide with excellence of the Services that constitute the activity of BetWinner, as previously exposed.

Thus, the User gives the free and express consent to collect, use, treat and share the data referred to in this Policy, in order to personalize his access to the Application, in addition to the regular provision of services by BetWinner. The User also accepts to receive advertising information through the contact information provided when registering for the Application.

The BetWinner may share the collected information with business partners, associates, affiliates and third parties in certain circumstances:

  1. In the development of activities related to the Service provided by the Application, such as the redemption and delivery of Rewards and advertising actions and personalized marketing;
  2. For the protection of BetWinner's interests in any type of conflict, including lawsuits;
  3. In the case of transactions and corporate changes involving BetWinner, a hypothesis in which the information collected will be treated as company assets; or
  4. By judicial order or by the request of administrative authorities that have legal competence to request it.

The BetWinner employs all the technical and organizational efforts appropriate, necessary and reasonable market to ensure the security of their systems and the data collected, using software protection from unauthorized access to systems and servers as well as standard methods to encrypt and anonymize the data collected. In addition, BetWinner only authorizes the access of previously established persons to the places where the data is stored, determining absolute secrecy about the data collected.

In certain areas, BetWinner uses the industry standard SSL encryption to protect data transmissions. If you contact BetWinner in a way other than through BetWinner.TV, for example by e-mail, you should be aware that it is not possible to fully guarantee the security of the information on the internet. When sending e-mail messages with sensitive or confidential content or information that is not encrypted, you accept these risks and the possible lack of confidentiality on the Internet.

The BetWinner is particularly concerned about identity theft and known as phishing practice and is committed to safeguarding the User information to help protect you against identity theft. The BetWinner does not prompt the User information about your credit card, your account ID or password access via e-mail or telephone communication, except in case of password recovery and initiative starting from the User.

This Policy represents BetWinner's effort to safeguard User information. However, due to the very nature of the internet, it is not possible to guarantee that malicious third parties will not succeed in improperly accessing the information stored by BetWinner.

In this way, the User recognizes that in the event that any third party invades the systems and servers of BetWinner, acquiring, copying, subtracting, stealing, deleting, deleting, altering, making public, divulging User data, no liability will be borne by BetWinner, not generating any duty to indemnify Users for the practices of third parties, as well as in situations of fortuitous circumstances or force majeure where BetWinner has no control of the situation.

The BetWinner may consider it necessary, in its sole discretion, to investigate, prevent or take action, including sharing the personal data of users with the competent authorities to respond to illegal activities, suspected fraud, intellectual property infringement, situations emergency conditions that imply potential threats to the safety of any person, violations of this Policy and the Terms and Conditions of use of the Application or otherwise required by law.


By using BetWinner.TV the User authorizes the installation and access to the cookies of his Device. A cookie is a small digital file or data packet that often includes an anonymous unique identifier being stored on the hard disk of the device, allowing identification of the User.

The BetWinner use cookies for different purposes, especially for:

  • access to User information when you use the Application, to be provided with custom content;
  • track user preferences while using the Application and the Services;
  • collect information on browsing habits;
  • measure and examine the size and total traffic of use of the Application;
  • to compile statistical data on the use of the Application;
  • perform analyzes and improve the content of the Application in order to achieve and maintain a high level of Services, including security.

The BetWinner may authorize a third party to install their own cookies on the User Device. The use of cookies by third parties is subject to their own privacy policies and not to this Privacy Policy. Specifically check their third-party websites and privacy policies to understand their procedures for collecting, using and disclosing personal information through their cookies. The BetWinner assumes no responsibility in this regard.

User is not obliged to accept cookies and has the ability to accept or reject them at any time by modifying the settings in the browser / Application of your Device.


The information provided by Users may be used to better understand their interests, making it possible to create profiles in order to offer services, contents, information, among others that are of interest to the User. The creation of the profiles allows the personalization of the communications with the User, making them more interesting and relevant.


The BetWinner is particularly concerned to protect the personal data of persons incapable. The BetWinner.TV is not for persons without full civil capacity. BetWinner recommends that the parents, tutors and talk to their constituents about the use of the Internet and the provision of information in the electronic sites.

The BetWinner will not intentionally collect any personal data of people without full civil capacity and will not allow these people to register as Application Users.

If a parent, guardian, or conservator becomes aware that your principal is using the Application, you must delete the account. If BetWinner becomes aware that a person without full civil capacity provided uses the Application or provided personal information, the account will be deleted and this information will be deleted as soon as possible.


The BetWinner while respecting the privacy of its users, only sends messages by electronic mail to:

  • make confirmations or cancellations of requests, such as Rewards redemption and access password recovery;
  • advertising purposes;
  • satisfaction surveys on the Services.

The frequency of sending the communications may vary according to the User's interaction with the messages sent.

The User hereby agrees to receive such advertising reports from BetWinner and its affiliated, affiliated and affiliated companies. If you no longer wish to receive the messages by electronic mail, simply select at the bottom of each message the option "Cancel your subscription here". The User will be redirected to the cancellation confirmation page.


False phishing messages are circulated on the Internet on behalf of BetWinner or partner companies, associates and affiliates with the purpose of inducing Users to share personal information such as passwords, credit card information, personal data, etc., with malicious persons. These messages do not originate from BetWinner or any affiliated, affiliated or affiliated company. The BetWinner does not send messages by e-mail with confidential data requests, passwords, credit card numbers etc. Thus, User must never provide personal data in response to e-mail messages allegedly sent on behalf ofBetWinner. If you have any questions about messages received on behalf of BetWinner, please contact the customer service team at: Contact Us Page.


In consideration of the security of the personal data collected and the guarantee of fulfillment of its requests, BetWinner may request, upon redemption of Rewards in the Application by the User, a unique password, called Second Authentication Factor (2FA), to be sent by SMS or Voice Recorded Message to the phone number registered in the Application.


Any other websites, applications or programs accessed from BetWinner.TV are not governed by this Privacy Policy. The BetWinner has no control over the sites, applications and third-party programs, and recommended that the User consult the respective privacy policies to understand their operating procedures with personal data.


BetWinner reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice to the User, and may be displayed in the Application notifications. The User is responsible for regularly reviewing this Privacy Policy that is available through the Application and on the page.

Your continued use of BetWinner.TV will be deemed to be acceptance of the terms updated or changed. If you do not agree to the changes, you should stop using the Application. If there is any conflict between this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions the latter should prevail.


This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, irrespective of the conflicts of those laws with the laws of other states or countries, being the jurisdiction of the Juiz de Fora District Court of Minas Gerais to settle any doubt arising of this instrument. The User expressly consents to the competence of this judgment, and hereby waives the jurisdiction of any other forum, however privileged it may be or will be.

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